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Authentic Ammo dangle earrings created with .45mm casings. Earrings are nickel free. Your choice of swarovski gems to make them unique. 

Created for the woman who loves to shoot and look good with Genuine white leather diamond and authentic .45mm casings. Earrings are nickel free. customize them with your choice of Swarovski gems. Start creating your custom order today!  Flying Harp Co. items are created from bullet casings that have been fired, recycled and handcrafted into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Casing are cut, grounded down on the back, and then cleaned, polished Please keep in mind that these are made with actual bullet casings and will have some scratches and blemishes. They simply add to the beauty and uniqueness of the piece!

.45 Auto Dangle Earrings

Crystal Color
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